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Napoletana restaurant: everybody’s neighborhood pizzeria

14 Oct 2013
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The aim of Napoletana restaurant in Lebanon is to provide the restaurant guests with a typical neighborhood Italian restaurant that would not be out of place on the corner of any Italian street.

Focusing on the traditional thin crust pizza and within an Italian ambiance, the restaurant offers a casual dining atmosphere with more than seventy menu items freshly served at the restaurant.

Napoletana has been created to bring to life all the charm of an unpretentious restaurant which serves delicious and authentic Italian cuisine.

In a restaurant ambiance which recreates the birth place of traditional pizza and using traditional Italian facades and vibrant Mediterranean colors, the restaurant guests are transported from the restaurant in Lebanon to the heart of Napoli, to enjoy our chef’s delicious creations.

To be consistent with Napoletana’s great food, the restaurant staff goes through extensive training to ensure that every guest at the restaurant should leave delighted, rather than just satisfied.

All in all, for a wonderful Italian experience in Lebanon, Napoletana restaurant is everybody’s neighborhood pizzeria.

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