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Ahwak by Abdel Wahab

18 Oct 2013
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Ahwak restaurant by Abdel Wahab is a gourmet Lebanese experience year-round. Lebanese food doesn't come much better than this at a restaurant and it won't break the bank. Take your pick from the long, mouthwatering restaurant menu of mezze. The grills too are the restaurant’s top quality.

Ahwak restaurant, a concept by Abdel Wahab, is one of the few Lebanese restaurants you like to eat at in a mall. The restaurant is clean, modern, friendly and very tasty. You will decide to grab a bite at Ahwak restaurant– one for its food, and two for its smoking (open air) area where smokers as well as arguilleh fans enjoy their time at the restaurant.

The interior of this restaurant is very modern. A fresh take on the oriental feel. The restaurant benches are covered with colorful and comfortable pillows that come in various patterns.

The restaurant’s logo is based on a bird, which is found in most of the details around the restaurant. The sketches inside the restaurant menus, the napkin holders, the little bird accompanies you everywhere you go in the restaurant.

The restaurant menu includes typical Lebanese dishes yet the restaurant serves platters that are interesting to try.

The restaurant staff is very welcoming… always smiling and not at any minute do they make you feel like you’re a burden.

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