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Chenbao restaurant, Lebanon

22 Oct 2013
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Chenbao - the Chinese word for castle - is a modern and fine dining Chinese restaurant located in Lebanon. The restaurant is committed to providing an exceptional dining experience at the restaurant with an exquisite cuisine, serving the best of what Chinese food has to offer to all the restaurant goers.

Chenbao is a restaurant with a unique twist of fusion Asian presentation, Chinese cuisine and a refined restaurant ambiance. The strict commitment to quality is shown in the restaurant's high standards of food, service, atmosphere and value.

The extensive restaurant menu selections are prepared with only the freshest ingredients. The succulent and well-presented meals served at this restaurant are known for their aromatic flavor and exceptional taste.

The restaurant menu offers many fashionable specials that suit your lifestyle. Chenbao restaurant made sure not to exclude any of the main characteristics in the dishes served at the restaurant namely, color, aroma and scrumptious taste that all constantly arouse peoples’ appetite.

The restaurant decoration is sleek and chic with a subtle Asian feel. The restaurant atmosphere is pleasant and welcoming. The stylish and intimate restaurant setting will definitely provide you with a memorable experience. Chenbao restaurant is a first class restaurant that offers a blend of Asian tastes and a Far Eastern restaurant ambiance.

The beautifully prepared and presented restaurant dishes are designed to surprise and delight.

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