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Amchit Bay Resort

20 Aug 2013
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SOMA's proposal for the Amchit Bay Resort to be elevated in Lebanon takes into account not only the site, with a gently sloping terrain and direct views of the Mediterranean, but also the regional and cultural heritage of the location.

In order to break down the sloping site and create unique opportunities for views, the proposal utilizes a terracing system not unlike those used for farming in rugged terrain for hundreds of years. The process began with the implementation of two terraces, from which the volumes of the units were eroded on these two levels.

By staggering each volume, we were able to provide not only unobstructed views for each and every unit, but also large private gardens on multiple levels. Additionally, the utilization of these two terraces allowed for direct parking access via a covered drive between the two terraces, while at the same time providing direct pedestrian access to the beach and garden levels.

Each volume is then wrapped in a metallic skin, which through mechanical operations of opening and rotating gives inhabitants independent control and customization of privacy.

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