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At Laziz restaurant, the outstanding food speaks for itself

29 Nov 2013
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Laziz is a very friendly restaurant and cafe, best for meetings or for a nice lunch or dinner. Enjoy a lovely meal while having your favorite hookah.

From the heart of Beirut comes a unique new Lebanese concept in the restaurant industry – a trend-setter restaurant offering traditionalism in food with a drizzle of novelty and modernization, the restaurant setting itself apart from other conventional Lebanese restaurants.

This brilliant new restaurant serves down-to-earth Lebanese cooking, including superb hot & cold mezze, outstanding meat dishes and a great selection of original sweets and drinks; everything at the restaurant is freshly and carefully prepared using a light hand with spicing and sensitivity of palate that marks the food served at the restaurant.

This entire restaurant menu is accompanied with the infamous Hookah which comes in a variety of flavors. The restaurant will have you at the moment you start sensing the fusion between old and new.

The restaurant of authentic Lebanese cuisine is set in modern surroundings which gives the experience at the restaurant a blend of warmth, generosity, and comfort.

Delicious Lebanese food in great variety and very attentive service are foreseen to win a loyal following for this exclusive, open and relaxed modern restaurant. You will not help but notice the general mood the restaurant sets whether you’re in for a simple Lebanese breakfast, or even for an afternoon pastime or nibble.

This restaurant is a prime attraction for young professionals, college students and families. One thing is for sure and it’s that this Laziz restaurant is like no other; and the outstanding food speaks for itself.

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