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Duo: Italian, French and Japanese Cuisine Under One Roof at ABC Dbayeh

03 Dec 2013
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Duo restaurant offers a diverse experience where one can enjoy an abundant restaurant menu, full of tasty choices, while enjoying the buzz and energy of the restaurant. Warmly yet tastefully designed with a variety of rich materials, Duo restaurant is a favorite among many of the Lebanese restaurant trend setters.
DUO is a nice and cozy restaurant where wood and ceramic details make the restaurant comfortable trendy at the same time. The restaurant bar, french bistro style adds a certain warmth to the restaurant, while the live sushi station in the middle of the restaurant (handled by Shogun) adds a wide selection of Japanese cuisine to the French and Italian selection that DUO restaurant has always been known for.

The details to always look after at a restaurant:
- A fine selection of bread and tapenade is offered at the restaurant to start. They are both tasty.
- The restaurant staff is jolly and welcoming.
- The leather place mats of the restaurant are classy and pleasant to eat on.
- The restaurant smells fresh.
- The salad bar choice at the restaurant is mouthwatering.

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