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Stove restaurant raises the bar

04 Dec 2013
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Stop all the clocks; top notch restaurant in Lebanon has a new face.

The restaurant is Stove, which has taken possession of a big old house halfway up Monot Street. The restaurant’s got cozy restaurant rooms around the open restaurant's kitchen. The restaurant has a terrace for summer and a back room full of (exceptional) bottles of wine. Everything at this restaurant is done simply, but well; various big, striking food-themed paintings at the restaurant are the only conversation piece. The restaurant trusts its customers to have a good time on their own. The restaurant also and concentrates on serving up a down-to-earth menu of elegant, sophisticated, damn fine French food.

At the restaurant Start with delightfully unpretentious pan-fried forest mushrooms with parsley, which reached the rich, meaty potential of the humble fungus that the restaurant elevated into an art form, and a simple, steaming tureen of pumpkin soup, luscious with a crunchy, oily halo of croutons and ham. Then the restaurant experience continues with a generous, perfectly pink caramelised pork fillet, simply flanked by cooked apple slices, and a sinfully extravagant piece of salmon in a cream sauce with leeks and diced tomato, boldly crowned with rounds of chorizo and crisp wafers of fried salmon skin – bliss at the restaurant.

After these riches, desserts at the restaurant were simple and to the point – light sorbets, and a pistachio délice with raspberry sauce that was indecently delicious for a two-inch wedge of puréed nut. At the restaurant we couldn’t detect even a flutter of uncertainty – the restaurant staff were all easygoing charm and military efficiency. Stove restaurant has officially raised the bar – from now on, it’s going to be difficult to eat at any other restaurant.

Stove Restaurant & Terrace welcomes you to their dining experience. Indulge yourself with the exquisite French cuisine at Stove restaurant!

Warwick Stone 55
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