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Thomas Cook: Destination discovery

05 Dec 2013
AboutLebanon website
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Lebanon may have a reputation for being war-torn and religiously and politically divided, yet despite the ongoing turmoil, the little country in the Levant is home to some of the friendliest people on the planet, with the biggest hearts. As you travel across the country, the warmth and generosity of the Lebanese, of all religions — Shiite, Sunni, Druze, Orthodox, Maronite, and Catholic — will impress you equally as much as the country's stupendous archaeological ruins, from its monumental Roman temple at Baalbek to the majestic crusader castle at Tripoli. Ask a Lebanese person for a restaurant recommendation and they'll invite you to join them for dinner; ask for directions and they'll drive you there; meeting people will be the highlight of your trip. The beauty of a trip here is that the compact country can be experienced in a very short time. A mere few days would allow you to take in the main sights, such as Byblo's ruins and bay to Tripoli's souqs and khans. That's not to say Lebanon shouldn't be traversed with caution. Check government travel warnings before going.

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