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Le Hanoi restaurant: A bit of Vietnam in Ashrafieh

17 Jan 2014
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Le Hanoi restaurant, as its name implies, is a Vietnamese restaurant; the only restaurant in Beirut as far as we know. The restaurant is beautifully designed with wood and Vietnamese decoration. The restaurant menu covers a wide array of starters and main dishes with different types of meat. Some items are hard to find in town like the delicious “rouleaux de printemps”: fresh spring rolls not fried nor cooked. A daily suggestion of the chef's restaurant complements the menu. Budget wise, prices at the restaurant are surprisingly affordable.

The most recommended at the restaurant are: rouleaux de printemps, vegetables nems, lobster salad and beef Mi Xao. The dishes are delicious, well presented and made with fresh ingredients.

The service at Le Hanoi restaurant is friendly and fast. The restaurant manager is very attentive, making sure everything at the restaurant is going well.

If you like to discover new tastes and love the original Vietnamese cuisine, we definitely recommend eating Vietnamese at Le Hanoi for a change.

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