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Crave fusion bistro

16 Jan 2014
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Crave is a culinary experience in fusion, innovatively merging influences from the world over.

A West Coast Canadian inspired concept, Crave comes to Beirut as the first true fusion restaurant, with a palette of tastes, vibrant with colors and cultures. Our culinary team brings years of international experience to combine flavors from the cuisines of the world in the most sumptuously creative ways for a mouth-watering result that will tempt you and leave you craving for more.

The Crave experience is a delight for all your senses, and a voyage through the capitals of flavor making it a truly international fusion escape.The rich menu is served with a side of exceptional service and unrivaled quality- the best recipe to create the most memorable Crave experience with every meal. By taking your taste buds on a trip around the diversity of flavors, Crave inspires your cravings, reinterprets your tastes, and indulges your urges.

For far too often, restaurants serve good food, but fail to create the craving. So let us satisfy those urges, we guarantee you a culinary experience like no other, and we will truly make a Craver out of you.

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