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C2C - Le Club des Deux Clowns
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Classic Burger Joint

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Address: Down Town , Uruguay street.


Tel: 01-999 610

Email: info@cbj.me
Website: http://www.cbj.me
Zaitunay Bay.
TEL.: 961-1/373 979
TEL.: 961-1/745 645
Sodeco, Petro Trad street.
TEL.: 961-1/333 606
Le Mall, Dbayeh
TEL.: 961-4/444 599
Jal El Dib.
TEL.: 961-4/719 011
Kfardebian - Ayoun Al Seeman
TEL.: 961-9/341 220
Delivery Center Jeitawi Ashrafieh.
TEL.: 961-1/444 050 - 961-1/444 060
SpecialtiesBurgers, we also serve
the Quinoa Veggie Burger for our
Vegetarian fans.
Average CostPer Meal: Lunch & Dinner:
$12 (+10% VAT)
Open For Lunch & Dinner
From 12:30 pm
Till 11:30pm
Closed On12:00 midnight
in Down Town
and Zaitunay Bay /
Friday & Saturday at 1:00 am
FacilitiesA/C, Music (Playlist), Parking
(within a 1km radius), Valet
Parking (in Sodeco, Zaitunay
Bay, Hamra and Jal el Dib
Branches), Open Air Area
(Terrace areas available in Hamra,
Zaitunay Bay, and Down Town
Branches), Take away Service,
Delivery Service.
Non Smoking Concept in all Branches
Valet Parking
Free Delivery
Take Away
Music & Live Entertainment
Parking Available
Outdoor Tables
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