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Armenia has plenty to offer as a new tourism destination that is growing rapidly in popularity worldwide: enjoy big moments and lasting impressions! You will be impressed by national holidays and theater shows, international music, film and gastro festivals. The Harisa Festival will toy with your imagination as you witness the tradition of cooking millet porridge with meat in a huge boiler on the third Sunday of September in the village of Musaler.
Similarly, you will really enjoy the Khorovats (barbeque) Festival in Akhtala. The smell of the barbecue brings the guests to the fortress where restaurateurs and amateurs compete in preparing this most ancient dish. Have your pick of more than 60 types of khorovats including the vegetable variety.
Even more types of tolma, another traditional dish, are offered at the Festival in Sardarapat. Besides dozens of dishes when meat is traditionally wrapped in grape leaves, you will be offered one from Avrut when the meat is wrapped in bean leaves or in pumpkin flowers as suggested by the early recipes from Ani.
Taste juicy mulberries and try the famous mulberry vodka, enjoy the honey made by the peaceful and plucky Armenian bees, try the bread and enjoy the “the bread and circuses” at all these Festivals.
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