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art and culture - 10 Reasons to visit Artsakh this year - Part 1

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Description: Artsakh is located in the highlands southeast of the Lesser Caucasus, on the extreme eastern part of the Great Hayk. In the west it borders the eastern shore of Lake Sevan, to the southwest - the river Aghavno (Hagar)/, in the south - the river Yeraskh (Araks), in the east deeps into the Mugan steppe, and in the north rare protected with the Karabakh ridge.

Archaeological materials, Armenian and foreign sources evidence that the human in Artsakh permanently lived from the ancient times. Here you can find the ruins and traces of settlements, castles, buildings, various weapons, jewelry, tools found in the deep layers of the ground. Of particular interest are materials found in the Paleolithic cave Azokh in Hadrout region, the remains of a prehistoric human (Neanderthal). Today archae-ologists of England and Spain, together with Armenian archeologists conduct excavations here and discover new traces of life and activity of the ancient man.

mountains are rich in various monuments, petroglyphs are especially prevalent here. Their chronology is extensive and, starting from the 7th century BC reaches 1st millennium. Karvatchar region and the neighborhood of the village Tagհut of Hadrout region are particularly rich in petroglyphs.

The country has become a developed travel destination due to its rich culture, astonishing nature and hospitable people. So here are ten reasons to visit Artsakh in upcoming tourist season.

Artsakh is a «real» dream for naturalists. Its wildlife thrives in ecosystems ranging from prairies and lush forests to mountains. The mountain rivers that flow in Karabakh have transformed the relief of Artsakh into deep canyons and picturesque valleys.

The canyon of Hunot, canyons of the rivers of Tartar, Khachen, Varanda, Ishkhanaget, are the real paradises for travelers who like to have rest in a lap of the nature. Forests growing at 36% of the territory are the wealth of Artsakh. The forests are home to brown bears, wolves, wild cats, lynx, foxes, etc.

The flora of the Nagorno-Karabakh is also diverse - there grow more than two thousand species of plants.
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