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art and culture - 10 Reasons to visit Artsakh this year - Part 2

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Address: MONASTARIES THAT INSPIRE : Karabakh is famous for its ancient monasteries dating back to the early middle ages. Of special interest are the monasteries of Gandzasar, Tsitsernavank, Dadivank, Amaras, Gtchavank, Yerek Mankunk and Saint Eghishe Arakyal. The glorious past, worldwide known christian relics, the unique architecture of the monasteries give all the chances to include them in the world’s treasury of cultural and architechtural monuments.

Description: LAND OF MOUNTAINS: It's not a coincidence that the alternative name of Artsakh is Mountainous Karabakh. Karabakh is surrounded by high mountains: from North to South across the Western border of Nagorno-Karabakh stretches Karabakh mountain ridge, the branches of which stretch across the region from west to east. The highest peaks of Artsakh are Gomshasar (3724), Mrav (3343 m) «Forty girls» (2828 m) the summit of Big Kirs (2725 m) and Dizapayt (2480m). The latter is famous for having a monastery on the top of it and isconsidered to be a pilgrimage place for mountain hikers and history lovers.

MILD CLIMATE: The climate of Artsakh is moderately soft, close to the dry subtropical climate. The average annual temperature in Celsius is 10.5 above zero.The hottest months - July and August, during these months the average temperature is 22 degrees. Rain falls mainly in May-June and September-October. There long periods of cold or heat weather are not observed.

OLD TRADITIONS OF HOSPITALITY: Artsakh people, have preserved the age old spiritual wealth, religion, culture, centuries-old national traditions. Armenian hospitality is famous worldwide. Any happy event is necessarily celebrated with loved ones - at home, at work, with friends. "The guest is God's" - that sounds old saying, and indeed, in Artsakh guests are treated with love. In any village in Nagorno Karabakh guest will be fed with home-made food, and if necessary, he will be given the overnight.

TRAILS OF CHRISTIAN SAINTS: From ancient times Artsakh has been and still is one of the strongholds of Christianity in the region. Believers know that, as one of the centers of Christianity in the South Caucasus, Karabakh with love and faith has kept to the days the shrines, having a sacred significance for Christians. Christianity penetrated here as early as the 1st c. CE.
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