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art and culture - 10 Reasons to visit Artsakh this year - Part 3

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Address: TRAILS OF CHRISTIAN SAINTS The main centers of pilgrimage in Artsakh remain the monastery of Gandzasar where one of the main shrines of the Christian world, the head of John the Baptist, is buried, the monastery of Dadivank founded on the burial place of one of the disciples of Thaddaeus Apostle – Apostle of Dado, monasteries of Amaras and Eghishe Arakyal built accordingly over the tombs of the grandson of Gregory the Illuminator, Grigoris, and Apostle of Eghishe (Elisha).

Description: COUNTRYLIFE : The villages of Artsakh attract travelers with a unique flavor, authentic lifestyle and of course the hospitality of the inhabitants. Artsakhian village is a unique phenomenon: more than half of the villages of the land have 500-600-yearsold history; some of them were founded 800, 900 years ago. In almost every village there have remained the ancient churches, fortresses, houses and paved streets, that give the flavor of old mountainous villages of Artsakh. The lovers of agricultural tourism will get many positive emotions and impressions during their stay in the village, will get acquainted with the rural life and habits, watch all the aspects of peasants' life and will dip into this life, so far from the urban troubles of contemporary man.

HISTORICAL MONUMENTS: Artsakh is literally an open-air museum. Ancient architectural monuments are here by the thousands, and most have a history of more than 11 or 12 hundred years old.
Here you will meet all the ages of history: from the monuments of the Hellenistic period, such as Tigranakert to the medieval architecture as Gandzasar, Dadivank, Togh Meliks palace, Amaras, city-fortress Shoushi, ravished with their original beauty and the fine stone carving work.

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