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art and culture - 10 Reasons to visit Artsakh this year - Part 4

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Description: EVENTS: Artsakh is a must visit place not only for its nature or history, but also for the events like national holidays or festivals. Almost every month - from May to October numerous events are taking place in the territory of Artsakh: such as Victory Day, «Tnjre» musical festival, Mulberry Fest, Independence Day, Harvest fair, Artsakh Wine festival, etc.

TRACES OF SILK ROAD: As known from historical sources, one of the trails of Great Silk Road laid through the territory of Artsakh. Some monuments still remain from those times. The most famous of them are Caravanserai Gardabazar (a medieval couching inn) and Bridges of Khudaferin, which connected Artsakh to Iran and are stretched on the river of Araks. Here are the sites which had a connection with the route: Khudaferin bridge, Caravanserai Gagrabazar, Mets Tagher village, Amaras monastery, Shoushi city, Tigranakert, Sotk area. One can organize an original trip through this trail, discovering the ancient sites related to the Great Silk Road.
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