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Alcoholic drinks in Armenia have a big cultural and historical significance. Armenians take pride in the local production of drinks such as cognac, wine and oghi (Armenian Vodka), due to its taste, quality and long history. As Armenia grows 6 varieties of grape, the conditions of the country are ideal for both cognac production and winemaking. Armenian cognac is famous all around the world and is considered one of the best quality and taste wise. The sweetness of the grapes allows for the production of highly alcoholic and strong drinks.
Armenia is one of the oldest wine making regions in the world and wine is an ancient part of its culture.
Armenian wines provide something for every occasion and in every form, from delicate whites to robust reds to wonderful dry or sweet sparkling wines, and from simple table wines to some of the most expensive and sought.
Armenia is a country of century-old traditions of winemaking the founder of which is considered to be a biblical patriarch who planted the first vine at the foot of Mountain Ararat. The traditions of ancient winemakers are properly preserved by modern winemakers. Thus, it is no surprise that the terroir of Vayots Dzor produces wine that is included in top ten best wines in the world according to Bloomberg Business weekly.
Specifically, the “Zorah Karasi Areni Noir” from an endemic type of grape of 2012 harvest that is aged in clay vessels. If you enjoy wine bars, make sure to walk along Saryan Street. There are plenty of hip and well-decorated wine bars for you to choose from!
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