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Description: Modern shopping district in the heart of Beirut, The souks constitute a unique environment that integrates archeological features and gardens consecrating the historical value of the place.

The built up space is more than 100,000 sqm of diversified retail and leisure environment including:

    - International department store / 17,000 sqm
    - Entertainment complex comprising 14 screen Multiplex 20,000sqm
    - 200 retails shops of different sizes on pedestrian streets 45,000sqm
    - Offices / 19,000sqm
    - Food hall and gourmet stores / 3,500sqm
    - Jewelry Retail Area including 100 shops / 7,000sqm enclosed in a secure environment
    - Restaurants, coffee shops, etc. / 4,500sqm
The Souks benefit from state of the art infrastructure and underground car parking facilities for approximately 2600 vehicles.

The Souks themselves constitute a pedestrian area where visitors can stroll along streets, some covered and protected from the sun, such as Souk Al-Jamil and Souk Al-Tawileh and other open to the sky, such as Souk Ayyas, for shopping and entertainment in various shops, restaurants and cafes.

The project combines the preservation of the site's architectural heritage with the technology of modern commercial centers.

A unique environment, which integrates archeological features, gardens and modern urban furniture, is thus created, consecrating the historic value of the place and enhancing its attractiveness.

The construction of the southern part is expected to be completed by 2009
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