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Description: Hermel lies at the northernmost edge of the Bekaa Valley, 140 kilometers from Beirut and 700 meters above sea level. The region holds a wealth of ancient monuments, stark landscapes and flowing bodies of water.
The Orontes river, which crosses Hermel, is the only Lebanese river that flows northward. Noteworthy sights include the Hermel Pyramid, built in 175 BC and standing at the highest point of the Bekaa Valley. Made from black granite, the pyramid has hunting scenes carved onto three of its sides. Well preserved and impeccably restored, the monument is 27 meters high and is believed to be the final resting place of a Syrian prince. The Mar Maroun monastery, carved into rocks above the Orontes river, is believed to have been the temporary refuge of the followers of Saint Maron, the holy man who founded the Maronite Catholic sect during the 4th century BC. An architectural splendor, this monastery has become a pilgrimage site for visitors of all religions. The star of the Hermel region is undoubtedly the Orontes river, with its wild waterfalls and crystalline waters. Along the sides of the river, restaurants serving Lebanese cuisine have been built. Here, diners can sample fine Lebanese dishes while enjoying the cooling breeze that constantly blows in from the river. The Orontes is also a popular spot for canoeing, as it's the only river in the Middle East where canoeing is practiced. Other sights in the Hermel region include the lush Swissa cedars forest and the historic Brissa monuments, which date back to Mesopotamian times.
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