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Description: Second only to Baalbeck in popularity, Zahle, the largest town in the Bekaa, has numerous noteworthy attractions, including its scenic red-tile-roofed homes cascading down the city's hills. Highlights include the Geha House, a stunning 17th-century abode, the centuries-old al-Hindi, Youssef Azar, and Wadih Skaf houses, the restored Serail, or government house, which was built in 1885, and Souk al-Blatt, a market street that leads to one of the oldest parts of the city.
But Zahle's historical attractions are only a small part of its ageless charm. Many visitors come to Zahle simply to dine at one of the town’,,,,s many open-air restaurants located along the Bardouni River. Here, women wearing traditional dress make Lebanon’,,,,s famed markouk bread in view of all passers-by, while Lebanese men, young and old, sell Middle Eastern sweets.
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