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Description: Batroun is Lebanon's rising star. Located north of Byblos on Lebanon's glorious coastal highway, the splendid old town has recently been renovated and is now home to stylish restaurants, appealing stores and a booming nightlife that rivals those of Beirut and Kaslik. The town is also famous for its delicious lemonade, made from the fragrant lemon orchards that grow throughout the area.
The region is also a land of worship and sanctity. It was here that Father John-Maron was consecrated Archbishop in 676 AD, and later elevated to the rank of first Maronite Patriarch in 686. Seen by many as the founder of the Maronite community, he later built a monastery in Kfarhay to enshrine the relics of St. Maron.
Religious attractions in Batroun are many, and they include St. Stephen's Maronite cathedral, which was built on the site of an old church and completed in 1910, and the St. George Greek Orthodox church, which showcases a Byzantine-influenced architectural style and was completed in 1867. In Kfarkholloss, visitors can view Mar Sassine church, which was built between the 6th and 7th centuries. Batroun also holds innumerable archaeological treasures. Man has inhabited the area since the Stone Age (over a million years ago) and has continued to live in this same area, uninterrupted, since then. Recent searches have unearthed flint tools and pottery jars in the sea. Ruins are plentiful further inland as well, with rocky cemeteries, sarcophagi, Pagan temples, churches, mosques and fortresses throughout.
All civilization that have swept along the Eastern Mediterranean have left their mark on the region, including the Canaanite, Phoenicians and Ottomans.
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