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Description: The Kadisha Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, starts at Al- Koura and extends for 50 kilometers all the way to Bsharre and the Cedars. Remote, mysterious, and steeped in centuries of history, the Kadisha Valley is hidden within a deep gorge amidst rugged and desolate mountains.
Within the mountainous interior, ancient monasteries and churches provide a moving testament to Lebanon’,,s religious communities. Historically, the Kadisha Valley was virtually inaccessible to conquering armies, and therefore it served as a refuge for the Middle East’,,s persecuted religious minorities, such as the Maronites. But the Maronites were not the first inhabitants of the Valley, and remnants of more ancient civilizations, such as the Romans, the Pheonicians, and the Byzantine, are found throughout the area. Sites of significance include the red-roofed Monastery of St. Antoine in Koshaya, which was built into a cliff side and is surrounded by trees. The present buildings date from 1865, but the monastery is believed to have been built upon medieval foundations. The site includes a chapel built into the rock face, ancient caves, and the monks’,, living quarters, which are separated by a central courtyard overlooking the valley. The main building contains a fascinating museum showcasing the first iron printing press to come to the Middle East, pieces of the Cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified, manuscripts in ancient languages, and church relics and vestments.
In the caves lies the grotto of the mad, where mad people were tied in leg irons under a St. Anthony icon.
Other noteworthy sites in the Kadisha Valley include the house of St. Charbel in Bkaa Kafra, the tomb of the 24 patriarchs at the St. Kannoubine monastery, and the 300-year-old convent of St. Lichaa.
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