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Description: In the picturesque town of Bsharreh, near the mysterious and holy Qadisha Valley, in an old cavern where hermits have sought refuge since the 7th century, lies the historic Gibran Museum. Named after Lebanon's most illustrious native son, Gibran Khalil Gibran, the museum has always been a special place for Gibran.
In 1926, when he was still residing in New York, he attempted to purchase the place (it was a monastery owned by the Carmelite Fathers) to make it his retreat and final resting place, but was unable to do so. Upon his death in 1931, his sister Mariana bought the monastery and the adjoining lands, thus fulfilling part of her brother's will: to make the hermitage his final burial place.
The monastery was transformed into a museum in 1975. The museum was enlarged and renovated in the mid-1990s, finally reopening in 1995. Items on display include Gibran's furniture, his notebooks, his personal library, objects, and paintings, all of which were in Gibran's New York apartment. His illustrious paintings are exhibited in 16 rooms divided among three floors.
Opening Hours(Winter): Tuesday-Sunday 9AM-5PM / (Summer): Daily 10AM-6PM
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