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Forestronika Festival® – Rebirth


❝ EXPERIENCE SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH MUSIC & ART ❞ — this is what Forestronika is here to offer.

A platform for music lovers, a space for campers, a safe environment to experience outdoors arts & physical activities,and a mix of cultures & tastes where exchange is the most valuable interaction you can have in a peaceful surrounding.

A place to open up to the possibility of a better tomorrow by uniting for the same cause.

Every year since 2008 we meet once for a 4 days journey in nature to share the most precious euphoric moments on a dance-floor under a sky of stars.

From Minimal, to Techno, Dubstep, House and Psytrance, Forestronika is offering you this year a diversity of electronic sounds and beats to please all of its loyal supporters and new visitors. This edition, Forestronika Festival is celebrating its 5th anniversary; we are inviting you to celebrate Rebirth. A place in your mind that will take you back to the roots; to simplicity of joy & life in nature.with nature.
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