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Beirut, Mount Lebanon to Become Flooded with Waste as Sukleen Suspends Work


Beirut and Mount Lebanon will become buried in waste after Sukleen announced on Saturday that it will suspend collecting garbage in both governorates.

“People's sit-in near the Nahmeh landfill and blocking the road in front of the company’s trucks for the second day in a row lead to the piling up of garbage that were ready to be plumbed,” a statement released by Sukleen explained.

“Road blocking suspends the collecting of waste and their procession in Beirut and Mount Lebanon,” it added.

The statement noted that the Council for Development and Reconstruction and other concerned authorities are looking into other alternative solutions to the current problem, pointing out that finding a place for plumbing the collected waste is “the Lebanese state's responsibility, not the company's.”

“Sukleen is not concerned with the current sit-in,” the company remarked.

The statement assured, however, that street sweepers will continue cleaning streets and that pesticides will be sprayed to prevent the reproduction of germs.

“We urge people to cooperate with us through making sure waste bags are sealed tightly before placing them in garbage containers, in order to reduce the possible accumulation of trash on the streets,” the statement said.

It added: “We apologize to people for any annoyance this might produce and we hope to resolve this problem as soon as possible to restore the cleanliness of the streets.”

“We hope people understand that these unexpected circumstances are not in our own hands.”

Sukleen is the only company tasked with collecting garbage in the governorates of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.
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