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Angelina Jolie stays in Zahle


The American actress and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie spent her night at a hotel in the Bekaa city of Zahle before setting off a new tour visiting Syrian refugees in the Bekaa.

Tight security measures were taken around the Cristal Grand Hotel Kadri, where the actress was staying, and the road leading to it was closed.

Jolie left the hotel at 7:30 am and the first camp she visited was the Fayda tent settlement near Zahle.

The visit was conducted away from media coverage, except for one camera that accompanied the actress.

Jolie is expected to stay in Zahle and carry out her humanitarian mission until Monday.

In 2012, Jolie visited Lebanon as part of her tour of the Mideast region, during which she visited Syrian refugee camps. She also met with former Prime Minister Najib Miqati at the Grand Serail.
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