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Achrafieh2020 “Use Your Power” Video Competition


For those interested, Achrafieh2020 is organizing a video competition aimed at raising awareness on energy saving, solar and alternative power. You can use your smartphone, camcorder and DSLR cameras to record your video.


Use Your Power for Earth Hour is a Video Competition with the aim to raise awareness about energy saving, solar and alternative power.

Enter the competition with a small video between 1 and 3 minutes showcasing how you can support Earth Hour and save energy towards a Cleaner & Healthier Environment.:

There are 2 categories::

* Junior - for all participants between 13 - 18 years old
* Senior - for all participants above 18 years old

You can use any type of video recorder. It could be your Smartphone, Camcorder or even a DSLR. You will need to go to Earth Hour Lebanon page, submit your video, share it with your friends to get the highest likes, then we will pick the 10 top voted video in each category then judge which is the best one who will Win valuable prizes.

Juniors: visit http://woobox.com/jx3974 to submit your video
Seniors: visit http://woobox.com/m547c5 to submit your video

Let's Use #YourPower to help save the Planet & Good Luck to All,
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