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6th May 2014 THE MARTYR'S DAY


Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri hoped that Lebanon would remain a beacon for democracy and freedom in the Arab world.

He said on the occasion of Martyrs Day: “Since 2004, Lebanon has been plagued with assassinations, the most notable of which took place on February 14, 2005, with the murder of former Premier Rafik Hariri.”

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon was not only formed to uncover the truth and achieve justice, but to thwart such crimes from taking place again in Lebanon in the future,” he stressed.

“On this day, we remember the Lebanese journalist martyrs who paid for freedom with their lives. We remember Nassib al-Metni and Riad Taha, the martyrs of freedom and independence Jebran Tueni and Samir Qassir,” he continued.

These martyrs presented their lives for Lebanon’s freedom, sovereignty, and dignity,” Hariri concluded.
On May 6th, Lebanon and its people commemorate the Martyr's Day. They remember with gratitude those who happily sacrificed themselves for their beloved country. Lebanon's martyrs come from all denominations, all families and all regions. In their martyrdom there is an unforgettable eternal gesture, a great glorification of patriotic beliefs and real pride in national affiliation.

This year, on Martyr's day, Lebanon's puppet officials divided among themselves the assignments of putting wreaths at the Martyrs' monuments. They carried out the act in accordance with the protocol, pretending to be affected by the event, while in fact they know nothing about the meaning of martyrdom. Martyrdom is a status that the Lebanese people are living perpetually in their everyday life. They are paying martyrdom's price in their blood, efforts and poverty. Martyrdom is not a mere one-day celebration and a posing as the puppet officials portray it.

Lebanon's Martyrs are more than can be counted.
They are all those who injured and sacrificed themselves for their beliefs, aspirations and convictions.
They are all those who honored patriotic, noble and holy objectives.
They are all those who fought bravely to defend their existence, dignity, the rights of their people, their love of the land, and the free, independent, sovereign, and democratic Lebanon.

All those who refused to abandon their land, houses, properties, and stayed in Lebanon courageously during the war, in spite of all the hardships are all martyrs.
All those who endured the vicious war and its consequences, the war of the foreigners on Lebanon and its people, are all martyrs.
All those who with pride refused to give up their rights and fought for their beliefs are all martyrs.

The Martyrs are all those heroes who were injured by the war and are suffering because of their injuries. The living martyrs are aware that the price they paid exceeds the objective pursued. The dream for a free Lebanon is haunting them; they are preoccupied with suspicions, frustrated and disappointed at what has happened to their country, and cannot believe that such puppet officials are in power. The installed officials have abused the Martyr's sacrifices and manipulated them to serve their own selfish and opportunistic interests. The Lebanese people cannot respect or cooperate with a puppet regime that betrays them every day and betrays the sacrifices of their dead and living Martyrs. They cannot but reject a regime that is infringing on their rights and is selling their country to the foreigners who installed false figures of power.

The Martyrs are also all those Lebanese citizens and leaders who were forced to immigrate and leave their own country. They are experiencing the martyrdom in their every day life while struggling to survive all over the world and secure the future for their children. These Lebanese immigrants, in spite of all the difficulties, pain, suffering and hardship they've encountered and still do, remain loyal to Lebanon and to its just cause.

Our Martyrs are all those Lebanese who passed away and are resting in peace, and all those who are alive, suffering the consequences of the occupation and the pains inflicted on them by the puppet collaborating regime. Our Martyrs are all those who are proudly defending their dignity, principles, freedom, rights and the rights and sovereignty of their country.

The Lebanese people in occupied Lebanon and in Diaspora who are paying for their freedom and beliefs know exactly the real meaning of the Martyr's Day. They respect what the Martyrs offered and sense deeply the holiness of the day and the symbolic greatness presented by the flower wreaths placed at the Martyrs' Monuments. We are all grateful for every sacrifice offered by any Martyr, be he resting in peace or still enduring the pain.

The 6th of May is a day for every one of us to show gratitude and respect for our Martyrs. It is not a day for lying and betraying as the Lebanese regime officials continue to do.

Long Live Free Lebanon.
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