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2014 Beirut Holidays


Beirut Holidays 2014, happening from July 29 until Sept. 6, will take place at Beirut waterfront where seven concerts will be performed by various artists:

Georges Wassouf, known as a master of tarab, will open the festivities.

Fares Karam will be performing and will bring his energetic music with him.

Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni will take the stage during which he is expected to perform many of his hits.

Ziad Rahbani will once again take the stage.

Beirut Holidays will also host a tribute to the late great Lebanese performer Wadih al-Safi, featuring musicians Joseph Attieh, Sarah al-Hani, Georges and Antoine al-Safi. This group of singers will dedicate some of his famous compositions to honor Safi's musical legacy.

The charming Elissa will be performing also.

Last but not least, Garou, the Canadian singer, will be the icing on the cake to this year's event.

Beirut Holidays 2014 will take place at the waterfront July 29-Sept. 6. For ticketing, please call 01-999-666.
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