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New internet plan for Lebanon


Telecoms Minister Boutros Harb announced Lebanon's first unlimited broadband Internet plan, with cutting prices and increasing speeds on existing DSL services.

Here are the new DSL plans:

-The price of the new 2 Mbps, unlimited download plan is going to be LL75,000.
Previously, for LL75,000, consumers could get a 2 Mbps plan with a 20GB data limit, paying LL6,000 per additional gigabyte.

-The entry level DSL plan, still priced at L24,000, will be upgraded to 2 Mbps with a 40GB, compared with the previous 1 Mbps and 4 gigabytes of data. That means double the speed and you can consume 10 times more than before.
-The 4 Mbps plan will include 50GB for 50,000LL, when it was 25GB for 75,000LL
-The 6-8 Mbps plan will now cost LL65,000 and include 60 gigabytes of data.

The charge for exceeding the data limit on each plan will now be LL2,000 per gigabyte, down from the current 6,000 LL

The new plans and prices will go into effect July 1, according to Harb.
Since becoming telecoms minister February, Harb has promised to enact sweeping changes in the sector to attract new investment in Lebanon and lower prices for consumers. Last month the prices of local and international calls were dropped by up to 50 percent. Harb says that while revenues will initially take a hit due to the new prices, the growth in the subscriber base will offset the losses in the medium- to long-term. “The [rate] drop on the landlines services caused an increase in the ministry’s revenues by 30 percent,” Harb said earlier this week
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