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Winner “Krystel Azar” of Lina’s September Sandwich Competition


The third sandwich competition, prepared by the famous gourmet sandwich and salad restaurant, Lina's, took place on Monday, September 5 at the newly renovated Lina's Hamra, in the presence of several important judges in the industry. Among them Mr. Ronald Yazbeck & Mrs. Rena Yazbeck from Lina’s Hamra, Mrs. Marie Mounsef from Layalina and Mr. Sami Hochar from Catertainment s.a.l., whose undisputed expertise in culinary contests supported Lina's Sandwich Competition. Four competitors prepared their sandwiches (Georgio Atallah, Rita Malian, Krystel Azar & Charbel Torbey) and the first prize went to Krystel Azar who created a very unique Ricotta cheese sandwich with parma ham and peach that impressed all the judges. Krystel won an ipad 2 and her sandwich will be sold during the month of September at all Lina’s outlets.

The next event will be held at the newest outlet Lina’s Jbeil on the 3rd of October. If you want to participate or know more about the competition visit www.linastalent.com


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