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3 simple reasons to visit Lebanon this summer


1. Events
Nightlife in Lebanon is the biggest reasons why tourists come and visit. This year the summer is packed with events and exciting venues. Lebanon has many nightclubs and pubs all over. You can visit Jounieh or Jbeil where they are known for many pubs suitable for every taste. Beirut is the nightlife capital of Lebanon where nightclubs such as Skybar are located. Lebanon is known for its diversity in style so you can always find the right place you can spend the night.

2. Beaches
Summer in Beirut is famous for its gorgeous beaches. Lebanon has has sandy beaches and rocky ones from the North to the South. Soak up the sun at the best beaches in Lebanon. since the weather is perfect in the summer and many events occur every week at some resorts. But if you like the quiet sea there is also a place for you.

3. Food
Lebanese Food was always one of the country's principal attractions. Lebanese people love food and their stomach. The country is famous for the biggest Homos plate in the world. In Lebanon you can find everything you can imagine: from the most exquisite, traditional dishes to everyday snack places; from fancy international cuisine to traditional Lebanese cuisine.
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