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National Museum of Beirut


The National Museum of Beirut currently exhibits 1300 artifacts from its collection of approximately 100,000 objects.
The museum's collection consists of:

1) Prehistory ( 1M. 3200 B.C.)
Some million years ago, the first inhabitants of Lebanon settled along its coast.
Their tools were produced in large numbers during the Middle (150.000-40.000 B.C.) and Upper Palaeolithic (40.000-18.000 B.C.)

2) Bronze Age (3200 B.C.-1200 B.C.)
The Bronze Age starts a new era with the development of urban civilization and the emergence of writing.

3) Iron Age ( 1200 B.C.- 333 B.C.)
During this period, and after an era of autonomy, the city-states of the area came under Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian hegemony

To discover more come to Lebanon and see the other collections that aren't mentioned above. Lebanon is very rich in its history and what better way to know all about it by visiting the biggest museum in Lebanon. So if you are coming to Lebanon this summer make sure to pass by.
The entrance is 5000 L.L
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