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Jounieh Floating Island


The first floating island in the world was designed- and is currently being constructed- in Lebanon.

With a current staff of 290 highly skilled engineers, technicians and administrators, BEIRUT INTERNATIONAL MARINE INDUSTRY & COMMERCE, hopes to have the floating island at sea by Summer 2015 and will include a five-star hotel, a roof top restaurant, a sea side restaurant, a nightclub and various sea-sport activities.

The company is also dedicated to starting the industry of Floating Islands, Multihull Yachts & Ships and Fiberglass Houses. Dr. Abdullah Daou, Chairman of Beirut International Marine and Commerce and founder of The Advanced Engineering of the Floating Island said, " ...there are no rules and no theories to build floating islands, so I had to work 15 years to change the rules and that's it, we have now an advanced engineering of the floating island where you can build resorts, naval basis, villas etc. And we are now at the final phase to build the first floating island in the history of mankind, "Jounieh Floating Island".

Jounieh Floating Island Resort is the first floating island in the world based on the Dhow-4 technology, it is expected to be at sea in summer 2015.

The JFIR is five star hotel, surface area is 3400 sqm, length is 74 m, width 46 m, includes 64 rooms, 80 cabins, a roof top restaurant, a sea side restaurant, a nightclub, and various sea-sport activities.

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