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NOW is the best time for investments and/or business expansions to Cyprus / Europe, where currently the prices in the country are indeed low, due to the recession prevailing.

• Cyprus a “Regime of Low Taxation” or simply, a “Tax Heaven”! Many investors from China, Russia, Israel, Venezuela, Lebanon, Middle East in general and especially Qatar and Kuwait, began visiting Cyprus to invest. The return of investment will be huge by 2017 - 2019 where, as said, the natural gas and oil of Cyprus will flow through the country and be channeled via pipeline into Europe!

• Prices will subsequently raise sky high! Considering the prospective prices in 2017 - 2019 when Cyprus will be the ‘Energy Center of Eastern Europe’, or the ‘European Emirate’ as it is now called because of the huge investments that are in the pipeline as far as infrastructure ventures (including energy and petrochemicals) as well as construction projects are concerned, the potential price of rents and property values, cannot be foreseen at present!

• Cyprus for many years offers, as a European country, a unique set of advantages to foreign, business people and/or investors, who exploit our island as a base for conducting business activities around the world!

• The favorable business climate within Cyprus’s highly developed infrastructure! It is not accidental that from 312.000 companies which are registered in Cyprus, the 2/3 are companies of foreign interests!

• The high educational level of the workforce coupled with low labor costs

• Its exceptional strategic geographical position being the connecting link between Europe and the Middle East.

• In case of non-EU nationals, a permanent residence in Cyprus is obtained with a purchase of a property with a minimum value of €300.000 Euro!

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