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Beirut Art Fair 2014


Since its inception in 2010, BEIRUT ART FAIR established itself on the international artistic scene with the vision of ME.NA.SA labeled art, which shaped its identity and power of attraction.

This Year, and for the 5th edition, this exhibition has gathered 47 international modern and contemporary art & design galleries from 14 countries that represent the works of hundreds of artists.

In this exhibition we noticed the diversity in every gallery, as we noticed many paintings of some famous international artists. And I was surprised when I saw a painting of Banksy (Graffiti Artist) and Francoise Nielly (Painter) here in Lebanon.

But why the signatures were different?!

Banksy vs Reproduction

Francoise Nielly vs Reproduction

Who protect my copyrights as an Artist; if in the most important exhibition in my Country, the artists are reproducing the paintings of each other’s?! Where are the juries of the event? Shouldn't every painting in this exhibition be unique?

Stealing away ideas and efforts from an artist without giving him credits made me question the exhibition; Fair enough? I don't think so ..

by Lebarton
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