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This Pianist Is Also Homeless, But His Music Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye


Ryan, a man who has been living on the street for 30 years plays the piano outside in downtown Edmonton, in Churchill Square, no one taught him to play, he just could.

A homeless man, who had been living on the streets for 30 years, is the star of this video which has gone viral on social media platforms and has been watched by over one and a half million people.

The man known only as Ray is seen playing a beautiful song on the outdoor piano in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The video was captured after Roslyn Polard was passing by the piano in the city's Churchill Square when she was stopped in her tracks by the incredible music.

The music, according to Ray, is his very own composition.

Tear jerkingly-beautiful. Take a look at the video and tell us what you think about the homeless man's talent!

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