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Monkeys, millipedes and little bears on the new healthy children’s menu at Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts


New ‘Power Bites’ menu makes eating out child’s play in over 30 hotels across the Middle East and Asia

25th November 2011: In the kitchens of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, strange and wonderful things are happening.

A tiny farm girl is raking spaghetti from a tube; a small bear is peeking from a mug; a mini hard-hat workman is installing tomato into a burger and a little girl is struggling to keep the monkeys away from the cake pops.

Monkeys, workmen, farm girls and little bears? In a kitchen? Just what’s going on?

“We are having fun launching our new children’s menu,” laughs Peter Drescher Vice President of Food & Beverage, Middle East and Asia. “These days children have constant sources of entertainment in the form of iPads, phones and games. So, we have to be equally entertaining with our food.”

But of course, like all great fun, the new children’s ‘Power Bites’ menu has a serious point. “Childhood obesity and heart disease are modern concerns so all our ingredients are low fat, use low sodium salt and lean meat. We use lots of fruit and vegetables and don’t use saturated fats.”

And the results are wonderful. Scuba toys prepare to dive into a bowl of mixed fruit; monkeys race up leaves to fresh banana smoothies; a workman examines tomato sauce for organic sausages; a mini shopping trolley carries rice cakes and a tomato-headed millipede crawls across a plate on cucumber feet.

“Food should be fun and if it’s nutritious so much the better,” says Drescher. “We invite children to eat with their fingers, paint carrots, arrange little characters. It’s important that restaurants become welcoming places for children and that they enjoy themselves. After all families go out to eat to have fun. We’re just here to help.”

The ‘Power Bites’ menu is available now at selected restaurants within Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts across the Middle East and Asia.
In addition, to celebrate the launch of the menu, a special Power Bites offer is available for families staying at the participating hotels. For further information visit http://www.moevenpick-hotels.com 

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