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Znoud e Sitt


Znoud e Sitt is a taste of modernity based in tradition. It is a totally new concept aimed at bringing the Lebanese villages, so rich in tradition, to you.

We are a bistro that serves a daily dish and a variety of Traditional Lebanese food;

At Znoud e Sitt you can find real home cooked food, and pure Lebanese products; Lebanese cheese, wines, and localized specialties.

In Lebanon each village is well known for a certain food, we aim to take you to those villages while seated in out Bistro. You can stop by and enjoy a fresh cup of Lebanese coffee, try our specially made, only found at Znoud e Sitt, “Ftireh” from our wood fed stove.

We are located at Sin el Fil, Hayek-Mkalles Av. Kaline Center and have seating available for up to 60 patrons, plus 16 at the bar, so be sure to get a seat and join us in thanking our mothers for giving us the great food we hope to serve you.


Znoud e Sitt is a dedication to all the strong Lebanese women behind the scenes in the local villages.

Our mothers and grandmothers and women before them have gone too long without the proper recognition, and this is our way of saying thank you.

Thank you for all the labor you endured in making sure we were well fed and raised properly. It is because you spent hours making the bread, cooking and picking the fruits and vegetables that we ate well.

It is our hope that with Znoud e Sitt we can allow you to rest while we take care of you.
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