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Mediterranean Partnership of the Mediterranean agro food production


From Italy, a Euro – Mediterranean partnership for quality and security of the Mediterranean agro food production 

A delegation of Italian companies operating in the sector of certification, quality, and food security will be in Lebanon on July 2nd and 3rd in the occasion of an exploratory mission for the Lebanese agro-food sector. The Mission is under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Beirut and is organized by the Mediterranean Institute of Certification (IMC) of Senigallia (AN) in collaboration with IMC Liban, the Lebanese-Italian company that operates in the field of certification in Lebanon and in the Middle East area.

 On July 2nd, there will be a meeting with agro-food players, distribution chain and Ho.re.Ca. sector in Lebanon with special attention to the pathways of organic products from producers to consumers through various channels of retail, restaurants, and distribution chain channels. At 12.30, a press conference will take place as well as a lunch in the presence of H.E. the Ambassador of Italy in Beirut Giuseppe Morabito, representatives of the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Commerce, as well as representatives of local companies, and stakeholders. During the press conference the partnership agreements signed between the Mediterranean Institute of Certification (IMC), the local certification companies formed in partnership by IMC in Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, the Italian companies of certification CCPB Ltd. of Bologna and Certiquality of Milan, the Consortium for Research and Training in Food Safety (RIFOSAL) established by the Italian University of Tuscia in Viterbo and the University of Siena, will be presented.

The signed agreements affect the development of certification, quality and food safety in the Euro-Mediterranean countries and propose the transfer of competencies, developed by the Italian certification system, in a strategic area for the quality of food productions. The implementation of the agreements will rely on the experience and the “know-how” acquired by the Mediterranean Institute of Certification that is operating in this area for over ten years with accredited offices and local staff.

The agreements are designed to expand opportunities for Italian and Mediterranean companies that operate in the agro-food and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors and to improve the access to information for consumers and for the national Authorities of control in the respective countries.
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