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Sunday July 1st InterContinental Mzaar held a press conference


Sunday July 1st InterContinental Mzaar held a press conference and gathered more than 50 media representatives along with their families 

This year’s conference featured speakers who engaged attendees with a variety of topics;

Joost Komen, General Manager explained more about the hotel and the importance of mountain tourism in Lebanon, focusing on the major hotel's renovations.

Chucri Nemnom, Food and beverage manager, detailed the F&B promotions he prepared for this season, from the “live barbeque weekends”, “144 combinations fro pasta lovers”, to “pizzas fresh and cheesy”; Never to forget the traditional Lebanese themed nights at Khaymet Al Horr, and the One and only Erzel al Rahi.

Cynthya Alam, Public relations and Marketing, gave an insight about the different hotel packages;” business package for 138 USD including breakfast, Daily Delegates package and outdoor activities; “leisure package” for 95 USD per person including breakfast, bowling and outdoor activities; “Special Summer package” for 185 USD including two meals and the second night is for 100 USD.

Following the press conference, all invitees enjoyed an authentic lunch at Khaymet El Hor and enjoyed the InterContinental Mzaar experience.

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