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Lebanon offers plenty of luxury hotels, all of which are well-equipped to ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay. Numerous gourmet restaurants offer a plethora of international cuisines, including French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Armenian and Mexican, while first-rate Lebanese restaurants abound in the capital and throughout the country.
The Ministry of Tourism publishes an informative General Tourism Guide including, among others, hotels, restaurant, cafés, leisure, shopping, beauty centers, etc… This Guide is available at the Office of the Ministry of Tourism and in all book shops..
Climate Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate, with mild to cool, wet winters, and hot summers. The Lebanese mountains experience heavy winter snows. In summer, temperatures vary from a low of 16ºC at night to a high of 35ºC during the day. Winter temperatures are mild and usually average 14ºC during the day. Fall is a transitional period, with cooling days and occasional showers..
Local Time. Lebanese time is GMT + 2 hours in winter and GMT + 3 hours in summer..
Currency.The official currency is the Lebanese Pound, but the US Dollar is widely accepted. The exchange rate is roughly LL 1,500 to the dollar..
Languages.Arabic is the official language of Lebanon, but French, English, and to a lesser degree Armenian, are widely spoken, especially in the Greater Beirut region..
Universities.Many universities operate in Lebanon offering the opportunity for higher education. The most prestigious university in Lebanon, and indeed in the entire Arab world, is the American University of Beirut (AUB), located along the capital’s western shores in Ras Beirut. During Lebanon’s golden years, from independence in 1943 to the beginnings of the war in 1975, every Arab leader studied at AUB, as did most of the Middle East’s great thinkers..
writers, and philosophers. Other important colleges include the Lebanese American University (LAU), the francophone St. Joseph University (USJ), Notre Dame University (NDU), Beirut Arab University, University of Balamand, Haigazian University, and the state-run Lebanese University (UL)..
Ports.Lebanon has a number of operational ports, the most important of which are the Beirut, Jounieh, Tripoli, Chekka, Zahrani, Sidon, and Tyre ports. There are also marinas along the coast, including the Mövenpick marina in Ramlet el Baida, the Beirut marina Downtown, and the Joseph Khoury marina in Dbayeh..

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