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Whether you're looking for pubs or restaurants that are cheap, restaurants for the family, restaurants and pubs that have a calm mood, restaurants and pubs with a romantic attire, restaurant and pubs of luxury, casual restaurants and pubs... All Kinds of restaurants can be found in Lebanon.

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NameTel/MobileGet Listed
    223 Beirut 70-777129 Get Listed
    A Cote 01-569399 Get Listed
    Aal Baher 09-541116 Get Listed
    Aaliya's Book 01-566375 Get Listed
    Aaliya's Book 01-383411 Get Listed
    Abbey Road 03-838472 Get Listed
    Abd EL Wahab 01-200550 Get Listed
    Abou Jihad 04-711861 Get Listed
    Adghal 09-333232 Get Listed
    Ain El Khasfeh 04-870912 Get Listed
    Al Ajami 01-802260 Get Listed
    Al Birkeh 04-404049 Get Listed
    Al Boulangi 81-225379 Get Listed
    Al Delb 04-983805 Get Listed
    Al Dente 01-202440 Get Listed
    Al Erzal 09-300530 Get Listed
    Al Erzal 09-300530 Get Listed
    Al Falamanki 01-323456 Get Listed
    Al Ferdaws 06-560605 Get Listed
    Al Forno 01-370617 Get Listed
    Al Halabi 04-520851 Get Listed
    Al Hindi 01-361341 Get Listed
    Al Jazira 09-854040 Get Listed
    Al Karmah 05-559744 Get Listed
    Al Mandaloun 01-565333 Get Listed
    Al Mandaloun Beach Club 04-545600 Get Listed
    Al Mandaloun Cafe 01-321600 Get Listed
    Al Mandaloun Patisserie 04-547411 Get Listed
    Al Mayass 01-215046 Get Listed
    Al Nakheel 04-547040 Get Listed
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