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Bordered on one side by the Mediterranean and on the other by two parallel mountain ranges, Lebanon is virtually suspended between sea and sky. Small and beautiful, Lebanon packs widely diverse geography, landscape, culture and history within its 10,452 square kilometers. From blue-green sea waters to a verdant countryside, from arid hills to lush pine and cedar forests, the visitor is greeted by a land of mystery and contrasts. Bare rocky mountains give way to luxuriant valleys with rolling rivers and dramatic waterfalls. Views transform instantly from pine-covered hills to breathtaking rocky landscapes, to fertile plains replete with farms and vineyards. Lebanon is also a country with a rich cultural heritage shaped by 10,000 years of history. Even at the dawn of mankind, the country’s natural beauty and its privileged geographical position at the crossroads of three continents, attracted conquerors and occupiers, all of whom left behind traces of their civilizations. Each new arrival left an indelible imprint to the makeup that would become modern Lebanon. The rich cultural legacy is evident through the extraordinary variety of archeological sites interspersed throughout the land. From Phoenician sarcophagi to Roman temples, from Crusader castles to Mamlouk mosques, splendid remnants from various ancient civilizations abound in the country. Lebanon’s illustrious cuisine, like its culture, combines a diverse mosaic of ingredients. The Lebanese mezze - countless dishes of savory hors-d’oeuvres that are endlessly replenished - has become a culinary legend throughout the globe. Words alone could never express the timeless and unique charms of Lebanon. The country has to be experienced first-hand to be truly appreciated, so we invite you to visit this bountiful land, where scenic mountain roads and modern highways lead from town to village, from ancient site to modern city, from one historic epoch to another.

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