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Lebanon is the ideal destination for sports and fitness buffs. Health clubs abound in and around the capital, and most are open to visitors. In addition to health clubs, there are tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, and a golf course in Beirut.

Lebanon’s diverse topography also allows for countless outdoor activities. The snow-covered mountains with their promise of endless days of ski are just an hour’s drive from the capital. In early spring, it’s even possible to ski in the morning and then spend the afternoon swimming in the Mediterranean’s temperate waters.
The country’s six major ski stations are the Cedars, Laqlouq, Faqra, Qanat Bakish, Zaarour, and Ouyoun al Siman, the most popular and best equipped of all ski resorts.
Water sports are also available almost year-round. Sandy beaches dot the southern Lebanese coast, most notably in Jiyye, Rmeileh, and Tyre, while resorts lie along the northern coast, particularly in Jounieh, Byblos, and Halat. Beirut also has its share of stylish beach resorts.
Scuba buffs can explore the World War II submarine off the coast of Khaldeh, just south of Beirut, while stunning Phoenician remains lie off the Tyre coastline.
Adventurers can paraglide high in the sky in the Cedars or paddle down the Awwali river in a canoe or kayak. Visitors can also hike the steep, lush slopes of Mount Sannine, ride through the mountains in an all-terrain vehicle, or explore deep caves in one of Lebanon’s speleo clubs. Organized treks and hikes are widely available and allow visitors to take in Lebanon’s awesome natural beauty first-hand.

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