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The ARAK FAKRA legacy began in the early eighteenth century in Kfardebian with an honorable and traditional Lebanese family carrying in its heart all the affection and attachment for Mount-Lebanon, and the zeal to preserve the identity and essence of authentic Lebanon.

At an altitude of over 4000 feet the ARAK FAKRA distillery is located in the shadows of the Phoenician and Roman Temples of Fakra. Aniseed from Hina,Merwah grapes from sunbathed hills and triple distillations give birth to a divine eau-de-vie… ARAK FAKRA is then left to mature in century old clay jars of Beit Chabab, thus revealing the true soul of Arak. Adding to that, fully automated stainless steel bottling units, ion-exchangers, charcoal filters and ultra-violet rays for treatment of water exclusively from high-mountain springs insure superior standards and purity.

In 2011, ARAK FAKRA celebrated centuries of tradition and 25 years of Leadership giving tribute to the true story behind the success of ARAK FAKRA, which is that of authenticity and quality, bestowing upon this brand the privilege to be the ambassador of Lebanese culture and boosting it to become one of the top leaders in the local market and among the Lebanese diaspora worldwide.

Lebanon is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world as revealed by the Bible, Phoenician history and Greek texts. “CHATEAU FAKRA” notoriety resides in its innovative approach to a millenary wine tradition. Upon his return from Argentina, where he was director of research at the Regional Research Center of Santa Fe, Dr. Carlos Guillermo Adem expanded what was a hobby into a wine industry by creating

“CHATEAU FAKRA” that entered the wine market with high expectations, resulting in an astonishing outcome. Splendid vineyards with ideal terroir conditions, the combination of the soils of Bekaa Valley and Mount Lebanon and a professional viti-oeno follow-up gave birth to a collection of premium Lebanese wines: CHATEAU FAKRA “COLLECTION PRIVEE”, CHATEAU FAKRA “CABERNET-SAUVIGNON”, “PINACLE DE FAKRA”, “CUVEE DU TEMPLE” DE FAKRA, FAKRA “LA FLEUR”, FAKRA “BLANC DE BLANCS”, and FAKRA “VIN DOUX NATUREL”. “Chateau FAKRA” growing markets around the world contributed in developing Lebanese wine-exports internationally, while maintaining superior production ethics and a prestigious standing. “Chateau FAKRA” increased its international brand awareness by participating in worldwide contests that crowned our selection with more than

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