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If you’re looking to dine at a restaurant or have drinks at a pub outside Beirut, about Lebanon is the right place for you to select among the best of restaurants outside of the capital. Find all the restaurants & pubs in Lebanon that are located outside Beirut. Whether you're looking for pubs or restaurants that are cheap, restaurants for the family, restaurants that have a calm mood, restaurants with a romantic attire, restaurants of luxury, casual restaurants, restaurants for birthdays, international food restaurants, Lebanese food restaurants... All Kinds of restaurants can be found in this directory of restaurants in Lebanon

Lebanese restaurants for Beirut, Lebanon. Find restaurants in Lebanon phone numbers, Lebanon restaurants addresses, maps to restaurants, reviews for restaurants in Lebanon in this directory of restaurants in Lebanon by About Lebanon.

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NameTel/MobileGet Listed
    Aal Baher 09-541116 Get Listed
    Aal Sonnara 04-930300 Get Listed
    Aazibe 76-978499 Get Listed
    Abou Samir 09-910209 Get Listed
    Adghal 09-333232 Get Listed
    Ain El Khasfeh 04-870912 Get Listed
    Al Amine 05-922056 Get Listed
    Al Delb 04-983805 Get Listed
    Al Erzal 09-300530 Get Listed
    Al Ferdaws 06-560605 Get Listed
    Al Halabi 04-520851 Get Listed
    Al Jazira 09-854040 Get Listed
    Al Karmah 05-559744 Get Listed
    Al Sadir 04-414717 Get Listed
    Al Sakhra 05-270369 Get Listed
    Al Sarail 09-937111 Get Listed
    Al Shawarat 03-271265 Get Listed
    Allegria Frulatte 09-237707 Get Listed
    Atlal Plaza 09-855755 Get Listed
    Aunty Rosa 04-544122 Get Listed
    Awtar 09-220258 Get Listed
    Azurea 04-555555 Get Listed
    Bab El Mina 09-540475 Get Listed
    Baie Rose 09-932332 Get Listed
    Bourj Al Fidar 09-478990 Get Listed
    Bourj Al Fidar 09-478990 Get Listed
    Cabana 04-531060 Get Listed
    Chebli 04-980799 Get Listed
    Chez Louis 09-854040 Get Listed
    Chez Mansour 09-341000 Get Listed
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Al Mandaloun Cafe
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