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Zaitunay Bay, Beirut’s new entertainment destination has opened
since December 2011.

Located around Beirut Marina at Minet El Hosn, Zaitunay Bay offers
the Lebanese and foreign visitors an unrivaled destination in terms of
location, scenery, accessibility and entertainment.

The destination is accessible to the general public with the
promenade on the upper level linking the public sidewalk to the
marina boardwalk.

Visitors enjoy a selection of 17 restaurants and coffee shops menus
that are sure to satisfy their demanding palettes and/or indulge into
some artistic or sports activities at the two activity centers or stroll
down the select boutiques.

Open public spaces will host cultural events, concerts, art
exhibitions and a variety of seasonal celebrations.
Zaitunay Bay certainly exceeds all expectations and transcends the
national borders to further polish Lebanon’s image and allow it to
assume its rightful position as a touristic destination, but more
importantly, as an exclusive and luxurious destination rivaling the best
the world has to offer.

The daylight rising over Lebanon brings endless opportunities of fun, beach, nature and outdoor activities.
You'll never know what to choose that's why the number of tourists visiting Lebanon has increased.
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